Travel Award Scholarship

About the Travel Award Scholarship

USC Center For Health Equity in the Americas (CenHealth) Travel Award Scholarship are available to current USC Keck School of Medicine Students for travel and/or registration cost to attend: 1) a conference where students will be presenting research/practice on a topic related to Health Equity in the Americas, or 2) a practicum and/or conducting a research project related to Health equity in the Americas.

The goal of CenHealth is to encourage more students to pursue health equity research and practice in the Americas, and promote the dissemination of findings. To receive this award, it is expected that students will have either an accepted presentation/poster at a conference or will be working on a project related to health equity.

Travel Award Recipients 2018

Carol Ochoa Spring 2018, Presenting in San Antonio, Texas, USA


Travel Award Recipients 2017

Hagar Azab, Summer 2017, Practicum in Panama

Brooke Van Kummer, Summer 2017, Practicum in Panama

Kasra Behizad, Summer 2017, Presenting in San Francisco, California, USA


Travel Award Recipients 2016

Deniz Soyer Summer 2016, Presenting in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Keachelle Lewis Summer 2016, Practicum in Panama

Maureen Gates Summer 2016, Practicum in Panama

Ruth Vergara Summer 2016, Practicum in Panama



For information on how to apply, please refer to Travel Award Application.