Maureen Gates is a second year Master of Public Health graduate student, concentrating in Health Education and Promotion. Maureen plans to use the CenHealth Travel Award Scholarship award to travel to Panama City for two weeks in June, in order to conduct pretesting, mapping, and data collection of community health issues and public health interventions in collaboration with USC faculty and the Panama City Ministry of Health. Her background is in social services, including child and maternal health, homelessness prevention, and mental health.

Maureen graduated from the University of Albany, New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Communication, and completed her degree while studying at the International Management Institute in Brussels, Belgium. She also received a Masters degree in Recreation Therapy from California State University, East Bay. At present, Maureen works for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services as a nationally certified Recreation Therapist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, where she conduct therapeutic processing groups and one-to-one therapy sessions for the patients.

Maureen’s Blogs

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