Student Scholarships

Currently there are two scholarship opportunities available to students from any of the USC Keck School of Medicine programs.  Both are listed below.

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Ambassador Brigade Fellowship Program

The Center for Health Equity in the Americas (CenHealth) is seeking USC Keck School of Medicine (KSOM) graduate level students to be part of the KSOM CenHealth Ambassadors Brigade Fellowship Program. KSOM students are expected to conduct research on health equity with a USC faculty mentor and an international or national partner for minimally 6 weeks. This period can be split between the U.S. and abroad.

Ambassadors Brigade Students may conduct their own original research, clinical practice, or a practicum with research components, or work on a faculty research or site-specific research projects that aim at the correction of health disparities in the Americas (North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean). The ultimate goal of the experience is to help students in the development of their academic career, clinical practice, practicum or other, thus moving along the pipeline with a focus on health equity.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the application process and application page.  Questions can be directed to Yaneth Rodriguez via email at or by calling 323-442-8210.

Community Health Equity and Dissemination Scholarship

The USC Center For Health Equity in the Americas (CenHealth) Community Health Equity and Dissemination Scholarship seeks to fund current USC Keck School of Medicine students for travel and/or registration cost to attend: 1) a conference where students will be presenting research/practice on a topic related to Health Equity in the Americas, or 2) travel to a practicum and/or conducting a research project related to Health equity in the Americas. Scholarship award can be used for both national or international travel/conferences.

The goal of CenHealth is to further develop the research pipeline, by encouraging more students to pursue health equity research and practice in the Americas, and promote the dissemination of findings. To receive this award, it is expected that students will have either an accepted presentation/poster at a conference or have been approved to be working on a project related to health equity. Please review the Community Health Equity and Dissemination Scholarship Description and Application Process thoroughly before submitting an application. Click here to view or download  CenHealth’s Travel Award Scholarship Application. Please note, not all those who apply with receive the funds.

Questions can be directed to Yaneth Rodriguez via email at or by calling 323-442-8210.