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Dr. de la Haye  is an Assistant Professor of Population and Public Health Sciences at the Institute for Prevention Research (IPR) within the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences, USC. She is a behavioral scientist who specializes in applying social network analysis and systems science to health promotion and disease prevention. Her work has examined the spread of obesity in adolescent peer networks, and produced innovative findings that peer network effects on obesity-related behaviors are important mechanisms underpinning this phenomenon. She collaborates on several projects that explore how socio-ecological systems influence health behaviors (diet, physical activity, substance use) in youth and families, and is working to develop interventions that activate and harness social systems to increase healthy behaviors and reduce disease risk across diverse communities. Dr. de la Haye is a member of the International Network of Social Network Analysis (INSNA) and the American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB), and is a consulting editor for the Journal of Research on Adolescence and Connections (the official journal of INSNA). She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Adelaide in Australia.

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