Everything is so BEAUTIFUL!

The excitement of being in a new country continued as we visited many important landmarks of Panama. I loved touring the historic area of Casco Viejo where we not only admired the beautiful view of the pacific coast and tall skyscrapers of Panama City. But we learned about the history of the area and how it was a safe haven for residents of Panama as their original city was destroyed many years ago.

To be able to visit the Panama Canal, was such a wow moment for me. I mean we learn about the canal in so many textbooks, but to see it up close and personal was crazy. To see this advancement in technology, which plays a major role in world trade in action was nothing short of awesome. Although I must admit it does take the boats quite some time to get through the locks of the Pacific Ocean, but the view from the observation deck is so amazing, it’s kind of hard to complain.


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